Product Function

Real-time cross-border online payment solution

Cross-border online payment is a real-time payment solution to help chinese consumers complete transaction in overseas website. For trading convenience, whether the commodity overseas merchant provides priced in foreign currency or RMB. Tenpay can deduct the payment from the buyers’ account in RMB real-time and settle with merchant in foreign currency.


Tenpay collects payment in RMB from buyers to buy foreign currency, and settles the total commodity payment with merchant in foreign currency.

Large payment transaction

Tenpay provides large payment transaction service for overseas merchants, considering that overseas merchants of certain industry, such as airlines, travel and education, usually conduct large payment transaction.


  • Tenpay provides comprehensive payment service, which reduces the risk of online transactions, prevents the occurrence of fraud effectively and maximize the success rate of payment.
  • Tenpay's secure, timely and expedient settlement effectively enchances the cash flow of mechant.
  • Payment can be refunded within 90 days.